H6000 handpiece cleaner pic


Please do not forget to lube your handpieces on a regular basis. We just had 2 NSK Ti95L contra angle’s come in the other day for repairs, they just needed bearings in the head since the chucks worked fine and held the burs securely. The problem was, the inside of the handpieces were full or rust and corrosion. (they still turned easily and looked fine on the outside) The head of the handpiece would not come out of the body, is was rusted into place. We tried some very unusual methods to get the heads to free up to no avail. The bottom line? Two handpieces in the trash due to the staff not lubricating the handpieces before sterilization. You can’t over lube a handpiece, so lube,lube,lube. The best solution is to purchase an automatic clean and lube station like the one above.