Alpha Air Push Button Highspeed


Customers searching the internet for a “DEAL” on hand pieces will be relieved to find a reliable US supplier of a excellent, economical, basic high speed handpiece.

We use an imported shell with a US made turbine – get you the great “INTERNET” type pricing with quality of US made moving parts!


Alpha Air Push Button Highspeed,

ORTHO Alert!  A great high speed for you practice use a # 7664 long nose trimming a finishing high speed bur to remove left over cement without damaging the enamel.

The Alpha Air is a great product for those situations you may not need the cutting power or precision of our more expensive product offering.  Every time you use a handpiece you have to bake it in you autoclave.  This includes those routine adjustments or easy smoothing operations where no real cutting performance is necessary.  The Alpha Air high speed line allows you to reduce the number of autoclave cycles your “good” hand pieces are exposed to.




alpha air highspeed

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